A Future for St. James’ Holywell?

A Future for St. James’ Holywell?

    In just over a years time the Anglicans of Holywell will be entering the 10th anniversary year of the completion of St. Peter’s Church on Rose Hill which opened in 2008. In that year St. Peter’s became a new home to many Anglicans who had long worshipped at St. James’ on the Well Hill and in the last ten years the Sunday congregation at St. James has declined even further. The average Sunday morning attendance at St. James’ is now just eight people.
    In 2007 the parish of Holywell had two Church buildings, St. James’ and Holy Trinity, Greenfield. Now, since the opening of St. Peter’s in 2008 we have three buildings. It might be reasonable to assume that with an average Sunday morning congregation of just eight people St. James’ has become surplus to requirements.
    Yet St. James is an ancient Christian site and is considered by many a beautiful and unique place of worship. It is also held in much affection by the wider population of Holywell and families who might never otherwise darken its doors often return there to mark important occasions in the life of their family such as the death of a loved one, or the celebration of a new birth or a marriage. At the same time however goodwill and affection does not pay the bills and the considerable costs of giving an ancient building the attention it requires.
    In recent weeks a small task group has been formed from within the congregation of St. Peter’s and the wider community of Holywell which is seeking to try and find a future for St. James’. We recognize that time is not on our side as the Church cannot afford to subsidize St. James’ in the long term but we do want to try and do something to preserve this building for Holywell and as a place of Christian worship. Could you help us in either of two ways?
     Firstly, we are inviting the wider community of Holywell and beyond to join the debate on the future of St. James’. We are keen to identify and link up with a possible community project that could be housed at St. James’. Ideally, any such project would be capable of helping to attract funding into the building to do the redecoration and upgrading of facilities that is required and would allow St. James to continue to serve as a place of worship. The task group has already agreed that if a suitable project could be found then all the fixed pews could be removed to create the space required by the project.
    Secondly, the task group has also agreed to create a Friends of St. James’ network inviting those who are keen to see a future for this historic and unique building to become a Friend and in so doing to make an annual subscription of £15.00. Please get in touch with the Rev’d Aidan Coleman either by phone on 01352 710010 or by e-mail on a.coleman560@btinternet.com or by post to The Vicarage, 1,Llys Bychan, the Ridings, Holywell CH8 7SX if you would like to discuss ideas for the future of St. James’ or to become a Friend of St. James’.

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Appointment of Trustees 2016


The Greenfield Valley is an enticing 70 acre woodland site set between the Victorian Town of Holywell in North Wales and the historically important former dock site a mile away in the village of Greenfield. Adjacent to the valley is the world famous St Winefrides Well, a site of international religious pilgrimage; while located within the Valley itself are the ruins of the 12th century Basingwerk Abbey.

The Valley has an important industrial heritage, housing five large man made pools/dams, built in the 19th century. These pools housed the huge waterwheels that generated energy for the Flour Mills, Copper Works, Soap Factory and Textile mills which produced goods for export all over the world.

The pools are now home to swans, ducks and other nesting birds and the manmade dams and walkways are open for all to walk across and enjoy.

Dotted throughout the Valley there are historical sites that include an ancient woodland, part of Watts Dyke, and a number of scheduled monuments that are theremains of the many industrial factories which made Greenfield Valley one of the first and most important sites in the industrial revolution in the UK.

At the lower end of the Valley there is a small industrial and agricultural museum that was renovated in early 2016 with the support of a £1m Heritage Lottery Grant. The same area hosts a variety of family events throughout the year and provides family play facilities and a café. It is the museum and family area that raises funds to supplement the income from Flintshire Council to pay for maintenance and upkeep of the whole site.


Greenfield Valley Trust

The Valley Trust is a charitable organisation established to manage the Greenfield Valley on behalf of Flintshire County Council. This arrangement is via a funded management agreement, although the expectation is the Trust will work to increase the revenue through increased visitors and grants and will become self-sufficient over time.


Current Vacancies

The Greenfield Valley as part of its cyclical recruitment plan is looking to recruit 4 Trustees to its Board to assist with the strategic management of the site.

In particular the Board wish to recruit Trustees who are able to support the Trust by offering skills, background or experience in any or all of the following:-

  • Marketing, Communications, Social Media, Public Relations, Sales, Tourism
  • Strategy, Governance, Finance, HR, Legal, Performance Management
  • Fundraising, Statutory funds, Corporate and philanthropic giving
  • Heritage, museums, visitor/family attractions
  • Community involvement, community engagement

Desirable skills, in addition to the specific skills listed above the Board would anticipate applicants would offer

  • Strong intellectual and analytical ability; innovative thinking and ability to focus on issues requiring action
  • Experience in the charitable or voluntary sector
  • Sound, independent judgement and ability to think creatively
  • Working effectively as a team member and demonstrating a willingness to learn and develop
  • An understanding of the challenges facing small to medium UK charities in maximising income streams & donor cultivation.
  • Experience of diverse fundraising practices, including statutory funds, corporate and philanthropic giving would be valuable.
  • Excellent networking skills, influencing and communication skills.


Term of Office

Normally 4 years. As the Board is in the process of reconfiguration applicants can if they wish state a preference for a one, two, three or four year term which will be considered subject to the needs of the Trust.


Re- appointment

Trustee can hold two consecutive terms.


Time Commitment

6 to 8 Board meetings a year, which necessitate the reading of papers in advance. Trustees may be asked to join a sub group or a task and finish group.


Role Summary

  1. Ensure the delivery of the Trust Charitable aims as set out in its governing document
  2. Agree and set strategic direction for the organisation
  3. Broaden awareness of the charity’s values and priorities; and increase its visibility across a wider audience
  4. Assist and advise on policy and developments for areas within specialist knowledge
  5. Ensure the organisation is financial secure and delivers its services in accordance with the rules of Charity Commission, Company Law and the Flintshire Management Agreement
  6. Ensure the Trust engages in proactive and positive relationships with the local community, local voluntary organisations and local statutory bodies



This is a voluntary role


Applications to be made to

Ian Jones, BA Hons, ACIS

Company Secretary

Basingwerk House




Tel: 01352 714172

E-mail: info@greenfieldvalley.com




Anticipated interviews - week commencing 30 May 2016



Duties and responsibilities of a Charity Trustee


Who can be a Trustee?

Some people are disqualified by law from acting as Trustees including:

  • Anyone who has an unspent conviction for an offence involving deception or dishonesty
  • Anyone who is an undischarged bankrupt
  • Anyone who has been removed from trusteeship of a charity by the Courts or Charity Commission for misconduct or mismanagement
  • Anyone who is disqualified from being a company director under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986


What are the duties of Trustees?

Trustees have, and need to accept, ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of their charity, ensuring that it is solvent and well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it was set up. You need to keep in mind the following areas of responsibility.


Ensuring compliance

Trustees must ensure that their charity complies with:

  • Charity law, and the requirements of the Charity Commission as regulator; in particular you must ensure that the charity prepares reports on its work, and submits Annual Returns and accounts as required by law
  • The requirements or rules, and the charitable purpose and objects, set out in the charity’s own governing document. All Trustees will be provided with a copy of this document, and will need to be familiar with it
  • The requirements of other legislation and other regulators (if any) which govern the activities of the charity; these will vary according to the type of work the charity carries out, and whether it employs staff or volunteers, for example Employment law
  • The requirement for Trustees to act with integrity, and avoid any personal conflicts of interest or misuse of charity funds or assets


Duty of prudence

Trustees must:

  • Ensure that the charity is and will remain solvent; this means that you need to keep yourself informed of the charity’s activities and financial position
  • Use charitable funds and assets wisely, and only to further the purposes and interests of the charity
  • Avoid undertaking activities that might place the charity’s property, funds, assets or reputation at undue risk
  • Take special care when investing the funds of the charity, or borrowing funds for the charity to use


Duty of care

Trustees must:

  • Exercise reasonable care and skill as trustees, using personal knowledge and experience to ensure that the charity is well-run and efficient
  • Consider getting external professional advice on all matters where there may be material risk to the charity, or where the trustees may be in breach of their duties


More information about the role and responsibilities of trustees can be found on the Charity Commission website under "The Essential Trustee".

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600th Anniversary Commemorative Pilgrimage from Shrewsbury Abbey to St Winefride’s Well, Holywell

An appeal is being made for volunteers to take part in a pilgrimage walk from Shrewsbury Abbey to St Wnefrides Well in Holywell to re-enact the pilgrimage made by King Henry  V in thanksgiving for his victory at the battle of Agincourt the previous year. The Kings army routed a much bigger French army, which was helped greatly by the skill of the English and Welsh bowmen. Henry V had placed himself under the spiritual protection of St Winefride before beginning his campaign.

A shrine to St Winefride has been in place at Holywell since the 7th Century and according to legend, a Well first erupted at the spot where she was restored to life at the prayers of her uncle St Beuno  after her head was cut off off by her suitor Prince Caradog with his sword. Winefride lived as a nun until her second death some 22 years later and although she was initially buried in North Wales, her relics were moved to Shrewsbury Abbey in 1138.

This commemorative Pilgrimage is being re-enacted during the period 18 – 25 June 2016 and will begin with an interdenominational service at Shrewsbury Abbey followed by a short walk to Shrewsbury Cathedral on Saturday 18 June. The King and fellow pilgrims will be welcomed to Holywell at an interdenominational service to be held at St Winefride’s Well on 24 June.

On Saturday 25 June, The King will walk from Basingwerk Abbey to St Winefride’s Well to bathe in the waters and then proceed to Holywell High street where a Medieval Festival will take place to celebrate the event.

If you are interested in taking part in the commemorative walk or if you are willing to play the part of Henry who was 28 years old when he carried out this pilgrimage, please contact 07967 513268. Further details of the commemorative event can be found at www.holywellwalkersarewelcome.org and also wrexhamdiocese.org.uk

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Grand Re-opening of Greenfield Valley Museum

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Plant Sale – 08/05/2016

The Hardy Plant Society Clwyd Group invites you to a Plant Sale by Society Members and Invited Nurseries on Sunday 8th May from 11am to 2pm in the Holywell Community Centre, North Road, Holywell, CH8 7TQ, near the leisure centre and library. Junction 31 or 32 off A55 and follow the signs for leisure centre from A5026 Fron Park Road into Dewi Avenue.

Free admission and  free parking. Rare and familiar plants, herb and vegetable plants, seeds, chat with experts, tombola, refreshments and homemade cakes.

For more information and map visit www.hardy-plant.org.uk

This event is licensed by Flintshire County Council.

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Fundraising Musical Evening

Come along to an evening of musical entertainment to help raise funds for medical aid for those driven out of their country because of war and poverty.


WEDNESDAY 30TH MARCH 2016 7pm-10pm

Live Entertainment including local artists:

  • The Cheescutters
  • Jonathon Carney
  • Seren Sandham Davies
  • Katy Sharp
  • Peter Curtis Trio
  • Donations welcome
  • Light Refreshments available

For further details contact Dolores Phelan on 01352 710029

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Greenfield Valley Day

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Discovering Old Welsh Houses Group

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Cwtch Catch Up

Cwtch Catch Up is a weekly lunch club, held at The Hub, Park Lane, Holywell where you get a two course meal for £3.50. Cwtch Catch Up starts at 12 until 1pm, where everyone is welcome and you'll find good company and great food!

For further details phone 01352 872189 or 07818579067 or visit the KIM Inspire website.

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Henry V Pilgimage 600 Centenary Re-enactment

In 1416 Henry Vth made a Pilgrimage from Shrewsbury to Holywell to give thanks for his victory at Agincourt the previous year.

He chose Shrewsbury as his starting point because this was the place where the bones of St Winefride were  being kept. He then visited St Winefride's Well at Maesbury (south of Oswetry). The well is reputed to have sprung up when the cortege carrying her bones to Shrrewsbury stopped. He then continued to  St Winefride's Well in Holywell.

This Pilgrimage is being re-enacted in during the period 18th t o 25th June this year. We are appealing for a small group of vounteers to take part in this re-enactment. The King and fellow pilgrims will have a special welcome into Holywell High Street on Sat June 25th during a big Medieval Festival -  now in preparation -  to celebrate the event. If you are  interested please contact 01352 711 757.

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Holywell Mayor’s Ball 2016

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Greenfield Valley Museum and Heritage Park News

The Greenfield Valley Museum and Heritage Park Heritage Lottery Funded project has been making great progress over the last few months.  Building work is being done to improve the new visitor centre, signage and pathways leading to the museum improving access.  The next stage will be installing the new exhibitions and displays.  Staff have been researching and putting together the interpretation for new displays inside the museum about the historical industry and farming in the Valley as well as the interesting people from the past. Local people have been interviewed and oral histories researched for some first-hand knowledge of working life in the old factories. Some of the buildings have been completely revamped. We have been developing new interactive elements for the exhibition as well as audio visual displays to really bring the past to life. As well as inside the pay boundary, work has been carried out on the outdoor interpretation so the mill sites will have new information boards to link with the museum, as well as one or two in the Valley itself.

Greenfield Valley Museum and Heritage Site will also be looking for volunteers to help with a number of different roles including historic garden and machinery volunteers, research opportunities and help with the visitor experience as well as the many exciting new family events. A new events program is being developed inspired by the areas rich history, of over 2000 years, ready for when we open so there will be new activities as well as old favourites.  Please keep an eye out for exciting updates.

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The Santa Stroll


Leaving Greenfield Visitor Centre 10am

Wear a Santa Hat/ Christmas Sweater or anything Christmassy and join us for a stroll up the beautiful Greenfield Valley !!!!

On arrival in the town centre there will be Santa’s Christmas Float, Traditional Fairground Games, Christmas Punch and Judy, Circus Skills until approx 2pm


For further details contact Martin Holywell Town Council on 01352 711757 or 07436273793

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Christmas Coffee Morning

CAHA Women’s Aid will be holding a Christmas Coffee Morning at the Drop In Office, 8 Well Street, Holywell, on the 16th December and we would like to invite you to attend.

There will be coffee/tea and mince pies, plus an opportunity to buy homemade items such as cakes, Christmas Cards and festive decorations.  All proceeds towards our Residents Comfort Fund.

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Christmas Shopping Night

Posted on Nov 13, 2015 - 03:47 PM